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​Welcome to Christ International Bible ​Sch​ool (CIBS).


​​We are committed to advancing excellent scholarship through a practical hands-on training emphasizing instruction, demonstration and impartation. Our curriculum is biblical based, Holy Spirit anointed and life transforming.

In addition to emphasizing need for excellent character and the love for God and His words, our training demands high level of commitment, discipline and hard-work from all our students and participants.


Each individual in a local church is encouraged to have at least one year of Bible School training in order to effectively locate and fulfill role in the body of Christ.

Aspiring leaders are encouraged to proceed for second year training which mainly focuses on leadership education and skill development. Anyone wishing to pursue a calling in five fold ministries is required to attend the third year.


We offer Diploma to students who attend one full year course, Advance Diploma to those who attend a two year course and Associate Degree in Theology  to those who complete our three year course in theology. With additional credits obtained from our Partner Colleges and Universities, our third year students will be awarded Swiss accredited Bachelor's degree in Theology and Management (EDUQUA).

Arise and shine

Refuse to be part of the people in this generation whose low aspiration and expectation would rob of necessary education.

Rather choose to join the progressive group ascertaining their rights to reign in every area of their callings and careers with excellent skills and education. Most burial grounds are filled with unfulfilled dreams, purposes and visions. Many great achievements never saw light of the day because their carriers never invested time in discovering their life purpose. Having sense of destiny is the secret behind every great person.


Get your priority right by investing time in discovering and fulfilling your purpose on earth today.

May you not miss your hour!

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