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FOCUS: Managers are daily faced with the challenge of balancing the demands in their external environment with

the limited resources and capability inside their organization in their mission to achieve their organisational goals.

Our Faculty of Management is dedicated to teaching students the skills they need to succeed in their management careers.

Participants would be introduced to tools, theories, training and practical activities that will offer them cutting-edge skillset required to have competitive advantage over their competitors in the ever demanding market place.


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The faculty’s goals include to:
• Train and equip participants with skills and tools that will help them keep their organisations competitive and profitable.
• Offer participants research possibilities in fields of strategy, organization behaviour, leadership, strategy formulation, organization design, developing teams, and motivating employees and many other important modules.
• Prepare managers with competency in public policy management and governance so that they are capable of handling business in dynamic global environment.
• Network with leading companies, universities and management institutes (both local and abroad) in program development and implementation.


Dean of Faculty

Faculty of Management - CIBS

Mellingerstrasse 26,

5400 Baden




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