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B. Theology

CIBS offers a three year undergraduate honors degree in applied theology which is validated by the RCM University of Zurich.

The 3 year Bachelor degree in Theology covers mainly theology, leadership and management.

First year focuses mostly on Theology. Second year focuses mostly on Leadership while the third year focuses mostly on management modules. The final year also offers different specialization fields and possibilities for participants.

Faculty of Theology


We offer comprehensive programmes in Theology and Religious Studies, ranging from diploma to Bachelor in Theology (honours).

We are opened to students of every nationality.

The faculty language of delivery is English only.



Faculty of Leadership


Leadership is not restricted to those in formal leadership positions only.
Many people have potentials that can make of them excellent leaders if only such will take personal responsibility to develop their leadership abilities. Our instructive courses will make you aware of issues, priorities, and processes that will distinguish you as excellent leader among your peers.

The Faculty language of delivery is English.

Faculty of Management


With us it is not business as usual.

We take our task of preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenge very serious. Come and learn new approaches to conducting business that allow you to focus on sustainability and manage with excellence and  integrity. You will gain from our rich modules unique perspective in contemporary management theories and practice. You will also have the privilege of learning from industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom.

The Faculty language of delivery is English.

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