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Participants: Aspiring ministers of gospel and participants in Bachelor of Theology program.

Aims: To equip participants with leadership theories and practical tools to lead their various organizations with excellence and good ethics.

Attendance: Every student must physically attend class, complete all assignments and make presentation of a reformer of choice at class gathering with aids of PowerPoint and other prop ups.

Units: Yearly 60 ECTS units per session (30 units per semester) = 12 Courses
Additional units: Kick off attendance (5) + Group work and presentation (5) personal work and presentation (5)

Composary: 4 Weeks Vocational placement in a Church or relevant organisation in relevant area of study (10 units).


Semester 1


Tool Kit Part1:

Class Courses (Major)
1. Exegesis (BST 200)
2. Apologetics (BST 210)
3. Jesus Leadership Style (BST 220)
4. Bible Leadership -OT & NT (BST 230)
5. Christian Leadership Ethics (BST 240)
6. Church History (BST 260)

Course connection to program objectives:
This course teaches principles and practice of leadership. Time will be spent examining leaders from OT and NT of the Bible sensitizing participants to importance of character and skill in offering excellent leadership.
This course teaches leadership skill and will impart you with excellent character.

Reference, literature and links (Sem1):
• Solomon Osoko: Kingdom Leadership. 2011 Solomon Osoko publication, Switzerland.

• Sunday Adelaja: The Jesus you never knew. 2005 Sunday Adelaja publication, Kiev.

• C. Gene Wilkes: Jesus on Leadership-Becoming a Servant Leader. 1996 Lifeway press, USA.
• C.S. Lewis: The Complete C.S Lewis Signature Classics. 2002 C.S Lewis publication New York.
• Vincent Carrol & David Shiflett: Christianity on Trial. 2002 publication. New York
• David Hume. An enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals. 1998 . Oxford University Press. New York
• Elizabeth Urech: Speaking Globally 1997 Publication, Kogan Page Limited, London.

• Jonathan David: Apostolic Strategies Affecting Nations. Malaysia 1997

Semester 2


Tool Kit Part2:

Class Courses (Major)
1. Pneumatology (BST 250)
2. Church Government (BST 265)
3. Preparation for Leadership in Ministry (BST 270)
4. Ecclesiology (BST 280)
5. Paterology (BST 290)
6. Team Selling: (BSM 401)

Course connection to program objectives:
This course focuses on locating distinguishing characteristics of excellent leadership right from bible age through Church history to contemporary leadership experience in our generation.
This course will use many case studies to prepare you for excellent career in  leadership

Reference, literature and links (Sem2):
• Solomon Osoko: Faithfulness in Leadership. 2011 Solomon Osoko publication, Switzerland.

• Roberts Liardon: God’s Generals, Albury Publishing, Tulsa Oklahoma,1996 copyright.
• John C. Maxwell: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. 1998 Maxwell Motivation Inc. Publication. Published in USA.
• Owen Chadwick: The Reformation -The Pelican History of the Church, vol. 3. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1964 (numerous reprints)
• Max Weber: Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus [protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism], in: Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie I, Tübingen 1947, S. 17 – 206
• Introduction to the ‘History of the Reformed Church’ (

• Philip Kotler: Marketing Management, Prentice Hall, Inc 2000

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