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Welcome to School Of Ministry (SOM)

Vision: The vision of SOM is to fasten spiritual maturity of participants' and adequately equip them for ministry.


Strategy: Our strategy is to back up fast paced seminars and classroom instruction with practical demonstration and spiritual impartation. Our classes (mostly offered at holiday seasons) are flexibly adapted to participants’ work and family schedules.



  • A flexible program to equip believers for ministry.

  • You will learn in five days what is taught in an average School of Ministry
    for  7-10 month-ends. Average Church offers 39 hours of message in a year (45 minutes X 52 weeks). In Five days, you
    will have 30 hours of intensive, focussed and power-packed training that will cause massive spiritual shift in your faith life.

  • A church-based training program, where spiritual maturity and excellence in character are equally emphasized as the
    teaching of biblical doctrine and theology.

  • An empowerment program, where spiritual gifts and the power of Holy Spirit are imparted.

  • Courses are taught by members of the School’s faculty and other top theological scholars.

  • Participants will also have the additional privilege to experience in our weekly services at Christ Int. Church
    the atmosphere of intense praise, apostolic preaching and powerful prayer session.

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In Marriage, Ministry & Mission


NEXT EVENT: Maximizing Intercultural Relationship - Marriage


DATE: April 20-22, 2022

28.04. 22 (Thu): 19.00 - 21.00          CHF30.00         

29.04. 22 (Fri) :  19.00  - 21.00         CHF30.00

30.04. 22 (Sat):  10.00 - 16.00          CHF50.00

28.04 - 30.04 (Thu - Sat)                  CHF100.00


VENUE: CIC Baden, Mellingerstrasse 26, 5400 Baden.

Opposites attract. Yet, sharing relationship with somebody from a different culture can be as challenging as it is exciting. ​Intercultural marriage dated back 4 millennials when Moses an Hebrew stateman married a woman from ancient Egypt.  Continuous improvement in technology, global transportation and communication has reduced the world in the 21st century into a global village where intercultural marriage continues to grow.


The goals of the 3 days “School of Ministry” seminar include to:

Make you understand your foreign spouse better

Help you avoid destructive mistakes in your relationship

Equip you with intercultural competence that will enrich and make your marriage work.

Solomon and Silvia Osoko, the Senior Pastors of Christ International Church have been in intercultural, inter-racial and international marriage for the last 3 decades.

As pastors of International Church for the last 2 decades, they minister to international and interracial couples and families in church gatherings, business organisations and social circles. 

They will be sharing their wealth of experience to help couples with diverse and multicultural backgrounds understand and enjoy their relationship.

In addition, Pastor Solomon, a master’s degree holder in Intercultural Management will be bringing to the seminar intercultural tools and theories helpful in acquiring intercultural competence.


Register now. The space is limited.

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BE PART OF "FEBRUARY SPECIAL"- Special offer from our School of Ministry!


So you really want to learn more in your quest for spiritual maturity within a short time? This is it!

Come and participate in a one-week power-packed program that will set you on a journey of transformation and manifestation.
The whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Come and be transformed with fresh knowledge.

Nothing provokes fresh manifestation like a new revelation. ​Register today!




The vision of the Strategic School of Ministry (SSOM) is to

compress 10 months School of ministry courses into a one week

intensive program that delivers up to a third of a standard

Bible school contents. Our mini SSOM class of 3 days can deliver major

Bible School scholarship that gives you a peep at the peak of theology




This course is targeted at developing the capacity of participants for spiritual maturity, effective church service and ministry.
It is also directed at awakening the passion for kingdom leadership in participants - who after the course should be able to

respond to the need of their local Church communities for pastoral care, healthy fellowship and effective outreach.








CASE STUDY: The Parable of the Talents


  • The Power of Choice in Life

  • The Power of Vision in Life Fulfilment

  • How to Discover & Develop Your Potential

  • How to Discover & Fulfill Your Destiny

  • How to Discover & Fulfill Your Purpose

  • The Principles of Destiny

  • The Principles of Purpose

  • Relationship Between Destiny & Purpose

  • Finding Your Place in Your Church

  • Taking Your Place in Your Generation

  • Etc. etc.











  • Fulfilling Your Potential: Solomon Osoko


  • Purposeful Living (6 CDs): Solomon Osoko


CDs are available for purchase in class.

Place an order for your book here: 






The goal for this seminar: This program will turn you alive and

help you to answer major questions of life including, "Who am I?; 

What is my purpose on earth; What will be my legacy? And

Where am I going afterwards?" This program will transform you!


Theme: Fulfilling your Destiny & Purpose

Date:    06.02-08.02.2020

Venue: CIBS Hall, Mellingerstr 26, 5400 Baden-Switzerland.

Time:   09.00 - 16.00 (Mon-Friday)

Fee:     CHF:120.00 (Including Course Manuals and 3X Lunch)













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