Participants: Recommended for all believers aspiring to do exploits in life. This course will re-position with fresh revelation that is meant to bring great transformation in your life. You faith will surely move from ordinary to extraordinary height.

Aims: To equip participants with theories and practical tools to become a change agent and reformer for their society. Attendance: Every student must physically attend class, complete all assignments and make presentation of a reformer of choice at class gathering with aids of PowerPoint and other prop ups.

Units: Yearly 90 ECTS units per session (45 units per semester) = 18 Courses
Additional units: Kick off attendance (5) + Group work and presentation (5) personal work and presentation (5)


Semester 1


Tool Kit Part1:

Class Courses (Major)
1. Principles of Personal Transformation (BST101)
2. Fulfilling your Destiny (BSL111)
3. The Kingdom of God (BST100)
4. The Fall and Rise of Man (BST120)
5. The Restoration of the Earth (BST130)
6. The Doctrine of Dispensations (BST140)
7. Principles of Marketing (BSM101)

8. Principles of leadership. (BSL 101)​

9. Basic IT Management (BSE050)
10. Ministerial Ethics and Codes1  (BSE  060)

Course connection to program objectives:
This course teaches principles of transformation.

Reference, literature and links (Sem1):
• Fulfilling Your Destiny.  S. Osoko
• Marketing Management. Philip Kotler
• Man God Uses Oswald J. Smith
• Theory of 4 Temperaments

Semester 2


Tool Kit Part2:

Class Courses (Major)
1.Principles of National Reformation. (BST111)
2. Life and Legacies of Reformers. (BST112)
3. Bibliology (BST150)
4. Principles of the Kingdom (BST160)
5. Homiletics (Expository Teaching) (BST170)
6. Synoptic Gospel (BST180)
7. Evangelism in 21st Century (BST 190)
8. Intercultural Management  (BSM121)

9. Basic IT Management (BSE050)
10. Ministerial Ethics and Codes1  (BSE  060)

Course connection to program objectives:
This course focuses on reformation of society.

Reference, literature and links (Sem2):
• Kingdom Leadership. Solomon Osoko

• Churchshift. Sunday Adelaja

​• Int. Management Behavior. Lane; DiStefano & Maznevski
• How do Churches grow? Dr. Roy Pointer
• Born again to win. Solomon Osoko
• Purpose Driven Church. Rick Warren
• Principles of Economics N. Gregory Mankiv
• Owen Chadwick: The Reformation. The Pelican History of the Church, vol. 3. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1964 (numerous reprints)
• Max Weber: Die protestantische Ethik und der Geist des Kapitalismus [protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism], in: Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie I, Tübingen 1947, S. 17 – 206
• Introduction to the 'History of the Reformed Church'  (



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