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FOCUS: The Jewish and the Christian traditions have always been built on the study of God from the Bible. Our faculty of theology, following this culture, is devoted to in-depth study of the character and attributes of God, His laws and government and other biblical doctrines. We offer various courses and hand-on training for people preparing for ministry or simply pursuing research in any of the specialized fields of theology we cover.


The goals and objectives of Faculty of Theology include to:
• Provide God-fearing and people serving Christian leadership for the church and the wider society.
• Promote efficient and effective training in areas of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Theological Ethics, History of Church, Pastoral Theology and other relevant areas of studies.
• Facilitate research and training using standard methodology.


Dean of Faculty

Faculty of Theology - CIBS

Mellingerstrasse 26,

5400 Baden




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