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FOR REGISTRATION: Print out and return
1) Registration Form.
  • 1 Year:   Diploma in Theology
  • 2 Years:  Higher Diploma in Theology and Leadership
  • 3 Years:  Associate in Theology (A.Theo)
  • 3 Years:  Bachelor in Theology (B.Theo)

A) Full Time (Practical) Admission has begun. Register today!


Available and recommended for Foreign Students


B) Part Time (Flexible) Admission has begun. Register today!


Available Every Saturday (Sept till June)


C) Part Time (Fixed)     Admission has begun. Register today!


Available 2X3 weeks (practical, written papers, self study etc.)


D) Distance Learning Study (Correspondence Courses).


Not Available at the moment.


2) Recommendation form


PS: Ask for time schedules and full programs from the administration:


For Tuition & Frees:

FOR OTHER COURSES: School Of Ministry (1 Week - Few Months)
Ongoing now is the registration for our February Special 2020 "Fulfilling Your Potential"
This is a 5 Days Seminar that is guaranteed to make a profound change in your life!
Date: 03.02. - 07.02.2020      Venue: CIC Premises, Mellingerstrasse 26, 5400 Baden / 0562104200
PS: Use the below formula to register for SSOM. Please, include a mobile phone number for contact 

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