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 Tuition Fees

Most of our courses are FEE based       

Few available FREE courses are offered to qualified students wishing to expand background knowledge required for their studies.

Other people interested may seek information in case there are available spaces to participate in both programs (fee and free).


Bank Account: 0235-623943.41CIBAN: CH680023523562394341CBIC: UBSWCHZH80A

Transformation School 1
5 Months (1st Semester)
CHF. 2500.00​
Transformation School 2
5 Months (2nd Semester)
CHF. 2500.00
Leadership School 1
5 Months (1st Semester)
CHF. 2500.00

Leadership School 2

5 Months (2nd Semester)
CHF. 2500.00


Ministers School 1
5 Months (1st Semester)
CHF. 2500.00
Ministers School 2
5 Months (2nd Semester)
CHF. 2500.00
Ministers Refresher
5 Days Seminar focussing on
"Excellence in Ministry"
CHF. 500.00
Other available courses (On Demand)

Kingdom of God (1 Week)

Empowerment Class


Excellence in life and ministry (3 weeks) or 15 X 3 hours. CHF.600.00

For More Information: 


Mellingerstrass 26

5400 Baden - Switzerland.

004176 396 99 55

004156 210 42 00

Resident Student (No need for visa)

General Fee CHF 500    +   Tuition Fee for 1st Year  CHF 5000 = CHF 5500

Foreign Student (Needs visa)







CIBS requires the full amount to be paid before or on the Registration Day.

Refundable Security Deposit may be required before registration is confirmed.



General Fee: This non-refundable covers such items as special welcome package, treats, class syllabi and class hand-outs for each year.

Tuition: This is the charge for teaching and instruction. Tuition is payment for services rendered; therefore, it is not tax-deductible. (The tuition covers both the Winter and Summer semesters). Take note that the tuition fees exclude:

•Course Registration Fee (CHF 200.00)

•Books cost

•Feeding, accommodation etc.

Room: This cost covers accommodation of students for the year.

PS: Student to prepare pocket money for feeding, personal expenses, text books, travelling etc.*Tuition and costs are subject to change without notice.



  1. Complete fee of CHF 18,300 must be confirmed paid to the School bank before letter of invitation is sent to the Embassy on your behalf.

  2. Students opting for special board and accommodation can pay the extra costs at arrival to enjoy upgrades in service.

  3. In case of cancellation of admission before obtaining visa or before school begins, 80% of the fee paid will be returned to your account. In case of cancellation after school begins, 50% would be transferred since most of the bills (accommodation, insurance, tuition etc.) must have been paid on your behalf and are not refundable.

  4. Cancellation upon arrival may not attract any refund and such student will be referred to immigration authority for reparation. Your visa entitles you only to study here!

  5. For visa processing, beware of specific Swiss requirements:

  • Applicants are to book their appointment at least 2 months before departure.

  • Beware that the Swiss Embassy will confirm the authenticity of your certificates and transcripts. Presenting false documents automatically forfeits your admission and may attract legal prosecution.

  • For information regarding the visa procedure it is also recommended to consult the website of the Swiss Embassy or Federal Office for Migration (FOM) in your country.

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